We have temporarily stopped delivering in KSA as restrictions have been imposed by the government for cross border deliveries from UAE . The situation is expected to normalize very soon post which we will resume our sales. Thank you for understanding us.

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Boxing is an indoor sport between two people wearing boxing gloves and throwing punches at each other for certain period of time. Whether you are a professional boxer or just an amateur, increase your chances of a win by shopping for the right boxing tools & equipment. Depending on the kickboxing style, you will be in need of different boxing gloves. As the game demands to make use of different types of punching techniques, it is mandatory to shop for the best quality gloves that are ideal for Thai kickboxing, Cardio boxing, Muay boxing and more. We stock in all kinds of boxing equipment including boxing gloves, footwear, pads, clothing and more.
To train yourself with boxing, we offer you wide range of punch bags, mouth guards, speedballs and every boxing equipment that you need to become boxing expertise. Get yourself some great collection of boxing accessories online at lowest prices only for you. Awok has covered everything that you require and allows you to save big on every purchase you make. Don’t forget to choose the best headgear that can protect your head from any damage while boxing. Awok is a one-stop solution for the sports/outdoor equipment especially the boxing accessories from brands like Generic. As for the Boxing gloves price in UAE, you can be sure of getting the best quality boxing material at an affordable price range. Just visit us now, choose your affordable range of boxing gloves price in Dubai and browse through our collection to find the perfect boxing equipment you desire.