We have temporarily stopped delivering in KSA as restrictions have been imposed by the government for cross border deliveries from UAE . The situation is expected to normalize very soon post which we will resume our sales. Thank you for understanding us.

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Other Mobile Accessories

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Mobile phones are our mandatory partner, it bestows us the full-time entertainment when we are bored, uninterrupted communication when we want to share or discuss something and massive storage when we need to save up the data for such a utilitarian and handy device mobile accessories are obligatory to keep it protected and functioning well within your desired way. The mobile accessories in Dubai are designed to provide the maximum productivity yet keeping the phone in vogue. The latest and trendy elements of accessories include a selfie stick which surely satisfies the photography needs, LED light which can be attached to the phone and act as a lamp interesting isn’t it?, a car mount holder for smartphones so no hassle of holding a phone while driving, charging cable, hand free protectors and organizers which won’t let the sensitive wires to crumble and damage, grip holders which attaches at the back of phone provides feasible holding,  portable power banks to help charge anywhere, camera and screen protectors to save the screen from scratches,  mini earpods, speakers, cords, adapters, sim trays, fashionable stickers, keychain to make the style statement, phone cases, mobile covers for damage resistance, Samsung Gear VR boxes for the virtual reality experience, Samsung mobile accessories, iPhone accessories and many more stuff indulged in the category of mobile phones accessories in UAE . All of these products can be ordered online through Awok with the range of many funky colors, sizes, and designs, no worries to roam into the market for the right article just select in few clicks and the product would be delivered at your doorstep.